Caves for Meditation

Caves for meditation
There are hardly any caves now
In early & olden times, it is said that
the yogis, gurus & pandits used to go to caves
for meditation
But I am telling you of a meditation technique
that’s not packing you off to a cave
Instead this meditation can be done
at so many places that you can call them
Caves of meditation or
your own personal spaces.

Suppose you are walking to somewhere,
you can just sit near a tree
or if it is a busy market place
you can sit anywhere in a corner and
watch the crowd go by
without applying any mind to
whatever may be happening.

If you are driving
you can park your vehicle anywhere
and meditate for say half an hour
This activity that you do is so important
that you may realize that this is the only time
when you are giving your mind
the much needed rest
which you were denying it for all these years.

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