5 Minutes Anger Stopping

5 minutes anger stopping
They say it is a magic formula
They say that whenever angry
give yourself a 5 minutes break or
don’t respond for 5 minutes or
count up to ten or
drink a glass of water.

But how to do you hold an anger
that’s just wanting to explode
How do you hold an anger
when you suddenly want to just fire up
on all four cylinders
with all your feelings & emotions
at a particular given time
and you just cannot hold yourself back
at any cost.

For god sake
who is going to cut the crap
and control the anger
that just happens to so many of us
out of the blue.

Well, you cannot do much
to the anger bouts that have happened
and caught you absolutely unaware & unfairly
But afterwards, whenever you are free
what you can surely do is the
15 to 20 minutes exercise of holding back
in silence & peace & introspection
that’s so necessary to heal yourself
all the time on a very regular basis.

This also will give you an insight
on how to respond differently next time
or even to respond or not
to silly situations.

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