Useless Studies

Useless studies going on
I am not speaking about the primary education
going on in the schools
I am not speaking about them
They are so necessary.

I am speaking about the secondary education
going on in the colleges
The so called advanced education
So many are doing it just to get a degree
or to get a job
And some of the courses are so useless
If I ask students why you are doing it
They say they just want to have a degree
so that they may be called educated
in an advanced course of secondary education.

So many students end up just wasting away time
They find solace in just roaming about
or socializing
and when they go home in the evening
they may feel they have done nothing.

So what’s the solution
I think that after primary education
or 10th or 12th class
a lot of the students should be encouraged
to take up jobs
or join a business, profession
or take up service.

After 3 years whatever they have learnt
they should be given a degree of experience
in whatsoever jobs they have learnt
and that should have more value
than any college degree
or any secondary education.

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