My Mistakes

My mistakes
Are there any?
O there are so many.

I think as human beings
we are all entitled to make
a lot many more mistakes
and though I don’t believe
in chanting in the name of God
all the time
I certainly do believe
in the might & grace of God
and the fact that
whatever mistakes we may have made
and will be making
as long as we are living
if we sincerely ask for forgiveness by God
time and again
we are granted the same
all the time.

That’s the difference in God & human beings
We hide our own mistakes
and highlight the fault of others
and don’t forgive easily.

हर किसी के पास सुनाने को है किसी की कहानी
हर किसी के पास छुपाने को है अपनी दास्तान
इतनी आसानी से कभी माफ़ नहीं करता इंसान
माफ़ करता है एक बार याद करने से सिर्फ भगवान

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