An Honest Confession

An honest confession:
Many of us can get so
devastatingly angry at times
that we just don’t know
how we may be reacting
in those particular moments.

Sometimes in anger
even I don’t know who I am.
It is as if I am a different person
I am unable to recognize myself.
And it is as if I have lost some part of my
to be regained only after some time
when I gain again my sanity & wisdom
and pick up the pieces of a few
bruised egos including my own.

How can we only blame ourselves
for the temper or the lack of it
when we ourselves don’t have any control on it.
God is our undisputed partner in this
because they say it is the
will of God for whatever’s happening
and our temper has already been designed
and formatted in our childhood upbringing.

But I can tell you one thing for sure.
We do gain back a lot of admirable discipline,
containment, restraint, peace, accord,
love & friendship when we take to
at least some regular meditations.
This alone is a very positive sign indeed
for us to regain & heal our lives
in a long lasting manner.

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