God didn’t send us for Mourning

God didn’t send us for this.
God didn’t send us for mourning
when one of us dies
and goes straightaway to heavens.

I have no doubt on this
that each & every human being
or insect, bird, fish or animal
has got to go to heavens
or a definite release of the soul is there
after all the hard work or suffering
a life goes through
in a very harsh world indeed.

So once again if I may ask
why do we mourn
when one of ours goes to heavens?
Yes there may be a lot of sadness & grief
that overwhelms us
and for sometime
there appears to be no way out.

But we have to pick up the pieces
and put ourselves & our loved ones back
on the road to recovery
and maybe do as the Christians do.
They go to a church & sing & dance
and pray for the departed soul
to rest in peace & rest & union of god.
For the beloved one who finally goes,
we should be happy & rejoice
for him or her.

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