Silent, Simple, Nature

You can do the silent meditation up to 1 hour a day
or even for less than an hour or so
that may be possible from the busy schedule
half an hour or even 15 to 20 minutes
but you have to do it quite regularly for maximum benefits.

One of the best ways to do the silent meditation
is with the elements of nature
You can sit near a tree
or a water body e.g. a lake or a stream
or a river or near an sea beach
or you can meditate on the skyline
if you live in a congested city
You can even meditate with the moon or the stars
or just the clouds.

These elements of nature are always present around us
no matter what
and they hold the power of the entire universe with them for us to benefit
They also give us the message of peace & stability of mind and soul
We only have to sit quietly without any distractions to absorb it all.

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