Silence & Meditation

Silence & Meditation
No matter what your problems
and predicaments may be
silence & meditation have got almost all the
right answers & solutions for you.

We only have to give it a chance
and we only have to trust this
from the core of our heart & mind
as only our innermost core of the heart
has all the happiness, peace & contentment
that we all are running after & crave for.
Imagine running after something
that’s already with us.

Just be in regular practice of the following:
For a maximum of 1 hour
and never ever more than that
we only have to follow these 3 elements:

Firstly – we have to sit somewhere comfortably
Secondly – almost always preferably outdoors
even any rooftop of any building of a congested city will do
or we can sit near a tree
or even a desert will do i.e. if we live in a desert.
What I want to say is that you just need an open area
so that you can just gaze at the elements of beautiful nature.
They will always accompany you & work for you.
Thirdly – we should maintain silence
and let the thoughts in our mind come & go
as they like.
We don’t have to make any effort
to either stop them or fight them back.

If you follow the 3 steps
the magic will start descending on you
sooner than you may be expecting.

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