Starting Off – 2

One of the best ways is to meditate with nature & silence
You can meditate near a lot of greenery or just a tree
You can meditate near a lake, a river or a waterfall
or you can just meditate on the sky above or the clouds
or even the stars & the moon
or if you live in a congested city
you can meditate on the different shades & colors of
all the residential or industrial build up of the area
It is as easy as that
Do not forget to admire all the colors & their shades
whether they are bright or dull
You will be able to notice so many different hues.

The above stated elements of nature have limitless power
given to them by Almighty above
In meditating with nature & silence
we are able to extract at least some of that limitless power
to benefit us
and nourish our mind & soul in the process.

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