What Life Needs

What life needs
What are the most basic requirements
of life to start with
to fill it with peace & cheer
in general
May be the following

1. Health
2. Good sleep
3. Meditation
4. Optimism
5. Contentment
6. Purpose & aim in life
7. Money

Whatever one may write
in place of any of the above
and you are free & welcome to do that
money cannot come on top
simply because life is not
out there for money.

Money may be there for life
but I repeat that life is not
out there for money
To the billions of other living beings
on this planet
Be it insects, birds or animals
money as a commodity has
absolutely no value
come what may.

The sooner
a suited booted man understands this
the better it is for saving the earth
its environment & its happiness.

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